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A tech savvy person doesnt need some of these tools, but if it were to recommend one, it will be WPD as an alternative to ShutUp10 or W10Privacy. These open source (crowdsourced) tools are ripe with redundant and unwanted tweaks. It would need a very download software long post to detail many of the problems those two apps (yet others like them) could cause, so Ill just list the few I remember from testing (almost a year ago).

The ribbon sucks in Excel and Word. I love Excel, aside from the ribbon. Its nice having more rows accessible in Excel 2007, but I seldom exceed 64k rows. The ribbon is more headache than its download programs for free worth. Given a choice between Excel 2003 and Excel 2007, I would take Excel 2003 because I hate the ribbon interface so much.

Note! For future versions, you can go to the Firefox download page and directly get it from there.

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My point is you are speculating about risks and handling your conclusions windows software downloader as facts. While you are almost certainly correct no less than to some extent, were both just guessing so I would moderate my condemnation somewhat if I were you. And in case I havent been clear, its a gamble I dont recommend either but when someone will probably stay with XP, it could be the lesser evil.

The the best way to backup tab displays a directory of additional preferences which may be interesting to some. It enables you to ignore disabled extensions, so that these do not get in the copy, to feature FEBE inside copy that could be useful in order to import free software download it on a new computer, maybe one without direct Internet connection, or do disable sounds and notifications.

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2) SSD Optimization is logically defragmenting hard drive, in order that to Windows, files are held in logically sequential sectors. Essentially, it removes the overhead Windows incurs when files are saved in non-logically-sequential sectors. Physically free software downloads, the files are certainly not place into sequential sectors, while there is no such thing with an SSD.