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Guide Paying Student Loans with Credit Cards: just how to pay figuratively speaking with bank card

Guide Paying Student Loans with Credit Cards: just how to pay figuratively speaking with bank card

At the start of the 2017, loan servicers for student education loans eliminated the capability to make re re re payments with charge cards. This is a blow that is big those who had been looking approaches to easily earn additional miles/points or fulfill minimal spends for charge card indication ups.

I do want to preface this by saying you need to just use the recommendations in this guide in the event that you meet with the after 2 conditions:

  1. You can easily spend from the stability in complete on a monthly basis.
    • 15%+ interest wipes out any advantages you get by having to pay with credit cards
  2. The benefits you get outweigh the cost you spend.
    • Minimal spends for register bonuses will be a reason that is good
    • The right options that are ongoing: Citi DoubleCash and Chase Freedom Unlimited

Present of university Present Cards (1.1% charge)

Initial thing to always always check is when your loan servicer is supported by the present cards.

You’ve got register, head to “My Profile”, and“Add a Plan” then.

You can view most of the servicers within the “Savings Arrange or education loan Account” dropdown.

You can purchase present of university gift cards online from:

The limitations for online present cards have now been fallen to $200 helping to make the online choice ugly. Should you choose to get this path, the charge is $5.95 for almost any value above $100, so you could because well perform some max of $200. You can not find the present day for the “Date to Send”, so that you will need to wait just about every day to get the present card.

You can purchase Gift of university gift cards in-store from:

  • H-E-B Texas Grocery
  • Fred’s Pharmacy
  • Brookshire Brothers
  • Foodmaxx
  • Fortunate
  • Save Mart
  • Target ($50, $100)
  • Barnes and Noble (restricted places, $200 maximum)

You’ll be able to get back to the present of university web site to redeem. Select “My Profile”. In the event that you would not take action currently, set up your loan account by clicking “Add an idea” and filling out the requested information. Numerous loans are detailed hand and hand, most likely with all the name that is same the red areas when you look at the screenshot below. Click the plan you need after which “Redeem Gift Card”

Select “Gift of university Gift Card” for the present Method then fill out of the information you received in your email.

The length of time does it simply just simply take to attain account?

  • Officially, 3-14 times.
  • Navient: 9 company times
  • Nelnet: 14 company times (1)
  • Firstmark: 5 company times (1)
  • Great Lakes: 14 company days (1)
  • Mohela (SoFi): 8-12 business times (1)
  • Fedloan: 8-11 company times (12)
  • AES: 9 company days (1)
  • GSMR: 11 company days (1)

I like this technique in your underpants because you can do it. No making the home while the charge is low. Be sure to allow the full time if you may be depending on this for the payment.

Prepaid Present Cards (Adjustable cost)

Purchase these from your own favorite workplace supply shop, Simon shopping mall, or any other store. Minimal charge i understand of is Simon shopping shopping shopping mall $3.95 for a $500 prepaid Visa present Card for a 0.79% charge. You may have better choices by you. A few loan servicers accept debit cards for re payment of figuratively speaking. You might like to transform the gift cards into cash requests and spend that means if debit cards aren’t accepted.

In case the servicer accepts US Express, you can reduce the charge further to 0.13% with a $3000 present card with a $3.95 charge from United states Express. Search for promo codes before buying. My Great Lakes is reported to simply accept US Express present Card. Navient just takes Visa and MasterCard.

I know would not test this technique, nonetheless it should work.

The length of time does it just take to achieve account?

  • Immediate, you spend straight to loan servicer via phone or online.

Plastiq (2-2.5% cost)

It is possible to spend many different types of bills with credit cards.

The length of time does it just just take to achieve account?


My recommendation that is personal is the present of university path for those who have usage of the $500 value real cards. We additionally used Plastiq for many payments once I didn’t understand how long the Gift of university cards would decide to try strike the account. The present card path works fine if you have actually a trusted and place that is convenient get them. For me personally, present of College ended up being much more convenient.

12 ideas

1. Could you please explain to begin 2 conditions into the preface?
2. GOC costs 5.95 for $500, Prepaid giftcards 3.95 nevertheless why GOC?

1. I’m saying don’t waste time and cash having to pay student loans with bank cards if you’re going to transport a stability and spend interest or the rewards obtained don’t outweigh the charge. You might also pay with money if either of these conditions does work.
2. Major reason is really what i love to phone the “underpants factor”. Meaning, you certainly can do the process that is entire present of university without making your house in your underpants. Prepaid gift cards calls for one or more end and perchance two stops if you need to transform into cash purchase. While some don’t go on it into account, some time fuel is well worth something to me personally.

Hi Brian, many thanks for the great information and tutorial. I’ve simply registered for GOC and just realized that the biggest quantity the web purchase choice is presently $200, by having a cost of $5.95. Perhaps you have noticed this new optimum value from the real cards bought from retail areas? I’ve learn about a comparable trend on the debit gift cards too. Would you all this impact your strategy?

Many many thanks once again!

Brian – I’m operating in to the issue that is same Oscar (although we see at the most $300). In any event, it absolutely escalates the cost to cover $5.95 for every single $500.00. I really do see you’ve updated the blog post above using this information aswell. Can there be every other path which you now suggest?

Could I purchase one or more card at time online? Let’s state 25 of those.

Hello Brian! As heads up, you can find currently blended communications about whether or otherwise not AMEX GCs are accepted by Great Lakes. I have maybe not tried using an AMEX GC yet as soon as I past talked having a rep that is gltoday), I became informed they’ve been nevertheless accepted. Numerous on Reddit state otherwise. Proper else available to you with figuratively speaking under Great Lakes, consider utilizing VGC for the churning.

Additionally, this indicates the technique of utilizing A cc that is regular and it’s a prepaid CC not any longer works with Great Lakes. I believe they’ve made some change in their systems that enables them to validate whether or perhaps not a card is really a prepaid CC.

We attempted making use of A visa that is prepaid from Mall, and Navient declined it. Perhaps not yes into default and rack up fees, or if they decided not to take that type of Debit Card anymore if they’re just trying to drive me.

I just would you like to result in the needed re repayment back at my student education loans, about $200 each month, if we obtain a $500 GOC gift card and place it during my account does GOC just support the remaining $300 for my needed repayment the following month? Or does it simply use the amount that is whole my education loan?

Simon present cards aren’t excepted by Navient. Usually do not purchase them.

I attempted right now to make use of an AMEX prepaid present card with MyGreatLakes, and it also failed to proceed through because the rep stated it absolutely was flagged as credit.

FedLoan Servicing doesn’t accept any bank cards.
Plastiq doesn’t accept Amex for FedLoan Servicing.
Toys R US not any longer offers present Cards.
Most useful purchase on the western coastline doesn’t sell GOC gift cards.

Present of College now charges 5% (capped at $15) for almost any present. It continues to have the $500 restriction, but spending $15 on $500 is just a 3% fee! =(

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