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Bride-to-be price re re payment had been discovered acceptable to numerous older females and regarded as necessary by older males.

Bride-to-be price re re payment had been discovered acceptable to numerous older females and regarded as necessary by older males.

When it comes to males, it symbolizes the bond that is new families, and shows a type of ownership or control of the lady. Guys justified arguing that re re payment for intimate favors exists at a few quantities of intimate relationships, albeit in an way that is indirect. This is illustrated by one respondent:

Some kind of present or monetary change is necessary at the start of the connection “to cement” the relationship’. (Old guy, FGD)

Though individuals recognized some kind of payment ended up being typical, some more youthful individuals sensed this unsatisfactory. One respondent, a old-fashioned midwife, described it as ‘commoditization of sex.’ Gents and ladies had been split about effectiveness of bride wide range during wedding rites in the present social and context that is economic. The ladies had been of this view that bride cost takes away their legal rights and reduces them to things on the market, whoever value is the same as cash or product products. To obtain wealth from bride cost, individuals noted that girls are forced to marry at an age that is young and several are obligated to keep college for wedding. Such girls may develop self-esteem that is low shortage information about sex, that is usually taught during formal training.

The young individuals into the FGDs were split relevance that is regarding of cost re payment today plus some recommended its abolition, although the opinion one of the the elderly ended up being so it ought to be retained. Ladies’s view is illustrated by one respondent:

‘It has lost value. … ladies are forced to marry at early age because (they) want cows. Those that cannot manage to spend might not marry or might just elope. How can you equate a female to cows, goats or cash? No matter whether or not the lady is educated, her value is paid down to cows or goats’.

On the other hand, reasons expressed by teenagers why bride cost must be abolished were that currently, it really is unaffordable and expensive. Some participants that are young nonetheless, found bride cost re payment necessary since that which was compensated to your guys’s household had been utilized by males as bride cost (as soon as the second desired to marry).

On identified implications, girls are forced to marry at a early age in order to obtain bride wealth for unmarried males in an offered family members with girls. Their brothers then get what things to pay money for their wives. Next, lots of men usually sensed by themselves as ‘superior to your woman’ simply because they (or their own families) compensated bride cost to carry the lady ‘into the guy’s household’. Older men indicated which they felt compelled to work out their authority in the house using the reason they paid bride cost, a view frequent among teenagers too. Where they sensed a genuine or fictional danger to their authority, males had been believed to resort violence, as exemplified by two key informants:

‘Men are dominant in decision-making. The lady doesn’t have energy for such a thing. In which the man is dubious or insecure, domestic physical physical violence is typical. This might be primarily where in actuality the guy is unemployed or perhaps the girl has advanced schooling and status that is social. … He expects the girl to demonstrate him respect given that town females should. He may also refuse her from working outside house. Such ladies could be assaulted…. I’m not certain whether those who have grown into the town feel the exact exact exact same. (Young woman, NGO)

‘Women absence power in order to make choices in the house. The tradition will not allow them to remain true to your males. The regulations may also be (support)men, particularly over intimate issues. If (females) would you like to leave, they repay the bride cost first.’ (Local Council chairman)

Thirdly, feamales in numerous families had been determined by financial help from guys. Since the perception had been that ladies had been ‘bought’, the ‘buyers’ controlled all financial and social resources (the spouse comprehensive). This paid down your ex decision-making, improving sex energy imbalances. Such females feared making an abusive relationship as the person may need payment of bride cost by her household.

‘The girl is ….dependent in the partner, way more if she marries a much older or uneducated guy. She can perhaps maybe not just simply take independent roles. Such guys are much more possessive and jealous. Such females are at the mercy of domestic physical physical violence.’(Local Council frontrunner, woman)

Bride-to-be price re re re payment ended up being recognized to curtail ladies’ decision-making about wellness. Having no economicpower, females had been identified become at a drawback in negotiating relations that are sexual. This is certainly illustrated through the meeting having a midwife:

‘Some ladies would not wish to have intercourse using the partners, yet the guys demanded for this. But because so many might n’t need (intercourse) yet their males want, they will have absolutely nothing to do but accept, if not the men will force them. ….(.men) they might perhaps not accept any reasons in the end, they think it’s their right——at any time’.

Similar sentiments had been expressed by other individuals. Having compensated bride pricing is observed by some males as implying rights that are absolute the girl. This impacts settlement of good use of contraceptives or preventive measures for sexually infection that is transmitted as reported by one respondent:

‘Men and women don’t possess power that is equal determine. Men have power that is overall investing in the spouse. It is even worse where in actuality the guys are violent to partners. If the girl insists on condom usage, (this) raises suspicion of sexually sent infections. They women that are( can’t ever decide by themselves, even yet in situations where their own health has reached danger. Usually they cannot report accidents they suffer. They are able to miscarry and even perish (of injuries)’. (Local Council Chairman)

Consequent to non-negotiation, high fertility prices, low contraceptive usage prices and illness of females had been observed to be associated with bride cost payment. This sentiment is illustrated by one senior guy in FGD:

Consequently, bride cost re re payment and domestic physical violence had been discerned to have some connection, whoever foundation had been sex inequality. When probed whether bride cost re payment, domestic physical physical violence and reproductive ill-health had been associated, respondent thought therefore, as illustrated by the abstract from the meeting with one midwife:

‘Yes, some guys genuinely believe that contraceptives is going to make females barren, so they really beat up females whom utilize them. Others think contraceptives make ladies crazy, as they know they will not conceive that they may either get more interest in sex, or become more ‘carefree. Usually, they have been more youthful (than guys). Lots of women ‘hide’ any proof them(contraceptives) that they are using. In the event they have dilemmas, they do not allow their husbands understand. They simply stop utilizing (them), conceive and soon after could get rid of this maternity. Every so often you sit both (guy and girl) together, nevertheless they are not able to acknowledge just just exactly what solutions to make use of, and on occasion even (using) any practices. Some (partners) agree for the benefit, but later alter their brain, plus the guy constantly gets the last say.’


The main choosing for the study is the fact that respondents sensed a good connection between bride cost re re re payment and domestic physical violence, age differentials between spouses, early wedding, bad intercourse negotiation, contraceptive non-use, high fertility, unwanted maternity and asian dating sites induced abortion. Bride-to-be price re re re payment had been sensed to aggravate current sex inequalities and inequities, especially regarding reproductive wellness decision-making. In numerous communities, the necessity of bride pricing is influenced by what type it will require, when could it be compensated (phase of this female’s life cycle), just how repayment is created (swelling amount or installments), whether you will find circumstances for payment, and community perceptions of implications for such payment.

Bride price as being a sex problem impacts the broad context of individuals’s everyday lives since it influences just what functions are thought appropriate. Where bride cost re re payment decreases the energy and prestige of this girl, the perception that the girl ended up being taken care of, is one of the guy and it has less household decision-making energy is manifestation, foundation or result of sex inequality. Repayment of bride cost produces divorce proceedings limitations. Concern about stigma, social vulnerability and not enough financial freedom may keep ladies in such relationships. 9 Landenburger 10 describes a process that is complex of with physical physical physical violence occurring in 4 phases. Into the stage that is binding there clearly was rationalization or denial, where women concentrate on the good components of the connection. Into the stage that is enduring there was change in perception: hide, self blame and behaviour modification. Within the disengagement stage, there clearly was assistance looking for, even though the data recovery phase is marked by leaving. Gender inequality keeps the entrapment and coping process that is complex. 10

Research of bride cost ( being a contextual element for domestic physical violence) is in contract with Levinson 11 whom identified four facets regularly pertaining to violence. These are gender economic inequality, male dominance, divorce or separation limitations and use of physical violence for conflict quality. Payment of bride cost in a lot of cultural contexts pertains to the aforementioned factors through perpetuating financial inequality. Next, it perpetuates the culture of male dominance in prestige, energy and decision-making. Thirdly, repaying bride cost on separation produces breakup restrictions, is expensive and it is socially stigmatizing. While findings do not imply bride cost re re payment may be the cause of sex inequality, they suggest its value as a contextual element for sex inequality, domestic physical violence and reproductive ill-health in Wakiso region, Uganda.


This research had been funded by SIDA/SAREC through Makerere University-Karolinska Institute analysis Collaboration. A draft for this paper ended up being presented in the International Conference on Bride Price held in Kampala, Uganda from 16–18, 2004 february. Writers acknowledge support and permission written by regional authorities and individuals of Wakiso region in holding out the research.