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A Story of Wealthy Guy Looking for Wife

Wealthy man looking for wife can be described as short scenario written inside the 1930’s, playing with fact it has very much of the same elements being a modern day appreciate story. The is that it absolutely was written by a lady, and it is occured a rather severe environment. The storyplot follows the key character’s grow from poverty to riches, from a struggling farmer to a effective businessman and to the girl he desires to marry. This individual fulfills her from newspaper who also tells him about a rich man trying to find wife. He’s not sure how to overcome the man, yet he is fascinated by the woman’s wealth and worth decides to do some checking out and eventually to ask the person directly.

The storyline itself is pretty interesting, as the wealthy man is an old man that is trying to find appreciate, and in the final it is not his money that he is looking for. The woman in the story is mostly a rather unfortunate case, as she is a thief, and her home has taken over the park where your lady lives. The person then date Spanish women reference decides to marry her because he recognizes she is faithful of her crimes. She’s been a thief for most of her your life, and even though this wounderful woman has been caught several times, she always manages to avoid the police. In fact , the one person who really does try to get her caught is the person who has been paying her to steal, and he intends to expose the fact that she’s a thief unless he gets the money he can owed. This may lead to the woman finally going to the authorities, which ends up with the rich man trying to find wife being wealthy person himself, which has a beautiful wife to boot.