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I actually have been stunned how nicely the Audi’s GPS has gotten me across the countryside. I’m Hungarian, so I’ll try to help some people asking for the that means of their names or different issues. Does anyone have any data on Zigmund and Esther Hegedus from Hungary. Just wondering if they might have been Jewish Hungarian.

Also if anybody knows of a great way to try and learn the language it would be a lot appreciated. My father is aware of some still however could be very much rusty and unfortunately not an excellent instructor. I have been in Hungary for some years now, and I am but to know a language as difficult to learn or speak!! Hungarians appear closed to foreigners with numerous points on racism, however if you get nearer to a few of them, you see a better aspect.


All I knew was names & fortunately I had the correct spelling. I not solely found my grandmother but also that she traveled right here together with her mom & she was only 15 years old.

The setlled within the space of Middlesex County, Raretin Township New Jersey. I am looking for information on typical life at the moment and for about the 50 years earlier. Specifically, I’m looking for info on; what they ate, politics, social construction and norms, pure medication, traditions, and so forth. Very properly written, Hungary is gorgeous any time of the yr,That why it’s clled the Paris of Eastern Europe. This is a great source of knowledge on the Hungarian culture.

I am involved within the history of Hungary concerning the period . It was about this time that my grandparents emigrated to the US.

Differentiated formal terms of address are seldom used amongst youthful people. Informal styles of greeting and terms of address are used from the moment of preliminary assembly.

He went to agriculture school and studied wine making and sometimes talked concerning the wonderful dogs he raised and the horses he cared for. Zsigmond was a parat of the 1956 revolution and emmigrated to the US to Connecticut. His father was also Zsigmond and his mom was Julianna. I have no idea about any of them and often wish I had some contact. One of my sons and I would love to go to Debrecen and find some relatives who may still be living there.

In 1961 I married Zsigmond Fekete who was born in Debrecen, Hungary. He usually told me stories of how his father saved their family by adhering to the politics of the day. I also realized that his family was stripped of their land throughout communist rule.

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But I as his daughter, returned for him met all my family. Hi I got here throughout this website a few years in the past and I had been on the lookout for it ever since! I know it’s carefully associated to the name of slightly village in Hungary, Szuha. I discovered a town that is pretty comparable in spelling to our household name ERCSE that is not too removed from the town of Peris where my father’s parents lived and the place he was born. I have been advised that in the 1800’s when a household moved from one town to a different, they took the name of the city as their new family name.

I consider that from their history here, their unfriendly or suspicious nature got here from the truth that they fought several wars. Anyway, now that the younger generations are interested in learning other languages, they’ll turn out to be more open. the preferred sport in hungary is still football, howewer our groups are really unhealthy these years, not like within the 1950’s. My Surname is Harbula i do know is found in hungary and slovakia and western ukraine.I beleve its of rusyn orgin if somebody knows whats this name means or its origin please let me know thanks. My grandpa does not like to talk about his heritage, as a result of he grew up with out either dad and mom along with his Hungarian grandfather and German grandmother .

They simply moved to Los Angeles, so the household resides in USA. Now my eldest son lives with a Hungarian younger women there.

These people where my grandparents and I know very little about them and have no different avenue of data. I am half of Hungarian and am obsessed with the nation and culture.

I then discovered my mom’s father who also traveled here with a member of the family, his brother. It was very interesting & good luck to you in your analysis. I need to document some of these things about my grandparents for my kids and grandchildren. Any references you would provide would be greatly appreciated.

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My grandfather and grandmother got here to America in 1956 after the revolution. My grandpa used to tell me all about Hungary and stories of the revolution, he was a soldier in the course of the conflict. He all the time tol me he was going to take me there and show me everything. He died abruptly about 5 years in the past however I actually have decided I’m going to learn all I can about my heritage and take the journey anyways. Thank you for helping me make this dream more attainable with the data provided.

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